Developing Country Programs

In developing countries, the Foundation works with partner organizations to support inventors and entrepreneurs building invention-based businesses that address the problems of the poorest populations through the creation of products that a) address basic human needs, like access to food or water, or b) create jobs or increase incomes of the poor.

Within this context, we work with partners in establishing and supporting programs that inspire youth to become inventors, stimulate and provide invention and entrepreneurship education, and support the launch, earliest incubation and mentoring of invention-based enterprises.

The Foundation works to raise the public profile and image of inventors and invention in order to inspire people in developing countries to become inventors. We do this through prizes; supporting public immersion and hands-on experiential engagement; creating evidence, stories and supporting studies; supporting related convenings to establish communities of practice; enabling thought leadership on behalf of invention; strategically engaging media; and building enduring organizations that promote invention.
We support programs to build a pipeline of future inventors by equipping them with the essential skills to invent and develop self-sustaining, invention-based enterprises. We do this through supporting courses and programs for invention education; expanding the number of underserved students experiencing invention education; providing professional development for invention education to educators; promoting a community of practice in invention education; supporting convenings to promote and address issues related to invention education; demonstrating thought leadership; and building enduring organizations that support invention education.
The Foundation supports the launch of early enterprises in order to build investment-ready, self-sustaining, invention-based enterprises. We do this through providing emerging invention-based businesses and associated inventor/entrepreneurs access to quality resources and training; providing access to mentoring; access to engineering spaces; routes to customer feedback and better market information; access to senior talent; and sources of seed funding; promoting a community of practice; and continuing to serve as thought leaders in the field of incubation of invention-based enterprise; as well as building enduring organizations that support emerging invention-based business and associated inventor/entrepreneurs.