20th Anniversary

Over the course of 2015, The Lemelson Foundation celebrates 20th years of work to improve lives through invention. This work started two decades ago with the vision of Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson, and continues to thrive today through the efforts of our grantees and thousands of inventors around the world.

20 Big Ideas

20 Big Ideas logo

Throughout our 20th Anniversary year, we are highlighting some of our collective accomplishments, and previewing how inventors of tomorrow are already tackling our world’s most pressing problems. We will share how these "20 Big Ideas" have improved lives and created self-sustaining businesses in the US and developing countries, while being environmentally responsible. They have inspired us, and we hope that they will inspire inventors for generations to come. Read more


 20th Anniversary Celebration

On September 18, 2015, more than 300 of The Lemelson Foundation’s partners and peers gathered in Washington, DC. It was an opportunity to celebrate the Foundation's 20th Anniversary and to share a visions for ways invention can ignite change in the future. The day-long event paid honor to the enduring legacy of our founder Jerome Lemelson, and featured a compelling mix of speakers, panels and presentations by the world’s leading minds in invention. Read more