Studies and Reports

The Lemelson Foundation works to encourage and drive Impact Inventing in the US and developing countries. By sharing lessons learned from the Foundation, our partners and the sector at large, we aim to strengthen the invention ecosystem and empower inventors to improve the world. Below are some studies and reports supported by the Foundation and our partners.


Catalyzing Capital for Invention report thumbnailHardware Pioneers: Harnessing the Impact Potential of Technology Entrepreneurs 

2016 report from FSG investigates the obstacles to development and scaling faced by those seeking to bring innovative hardware technologies, such as solar lanterns or low-cost medical devices, to people living in poverty throughout developing countries. 

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Catalyzing Capital for Invention report thumbnailWhat's Working in Startup Acceleration: Insights from Fifteen Village Capital Programs 

2016 report studies the effectiveness of accelerator programs for entrepreneurs in emerging markets working in sectors such as agriculture, energy, education, financial inclusion, and health.

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Catalyzing Capital for Invention report thumbnailCatalyzing Capital for Invention: Spotlight on India

2015 report examines India’s “impact ecosystem,” the broad network of businesses, funders, and intermediaries that enable social enterprise, and hones in on challenges within the ecosystem that are currently limiting inventors’ potential. Detailed observations and data collected from interviews with more than 60 investors, entrepreneurs and intermediaries are presented in the report, along with actionable solutions for addressing the challenges.

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50 Breakthrough report thumbnailThe 50 most critical scientific & technological breakthroughs required for sustainable global development

2014 study from the Institute for Globally Transformative Techologies at the Lawrence Berkely National Lab highlights the critical scientific and techonological advances needed for sustainable development.

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Impact Inventing report thumbnailImpact Inventing: Strengthening the Ecosystem for Invention-based Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

2014 report from the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) that differentiates what resources are available for invention-based businesses, what ecosystem level gaps remain, and what tangible actions can be taken to fill those gaps.

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