How We Work

To create effective and appropriate inventions that will change lives requires people inspired to invent, and who have the proper level of technical skills to do so, while also establishing a pathway for those inventions to reach those who need it most either through commercialization or the creation of invention-based enterprises. Therefore, we focus on providing support for projects that inspire youth to become the agents of change through invention and the creation of invention-based businesses.

We work with partners in establishing and supporting projects that inspire youth to become inventors, stimulate and provide invention and entrepreneurship education, and support the launch, earliest incubation and mentoring of invention-based enterprises.
The Lemelson Foundation knows there are big problems that need to be solved, and these grand challenges will require a range of approaches, solutions, products, and innovations. We believe the most important products invented in the next 20 years will be those that address critical social and environmental issues, and reach and serve communities with the greatest needs.
The Lemelson Foundation uses the power of invention to improve lives. We believe invention can solve many of the biggest social and economic challenges of our time. We work to create a pipeline of inventors and invention-based businesses in the U.S. and developing countries that can have positive social and economic impact.
The Lemelson Foundation works to improve lives through invention. There are numerous ways in which you can participate in our work to support inventors and invention-based enterprises.
The Foundation’s approach to grantmaking focuses on making commitments that enable us to invest in long-term strategies and partnerships which align with our programs and approach.
We recognize that the ambitious goal of transforming lives through invention requires partnerships that can accelerate our shared impact through co-funding, sharing of progress and ideas, evidence generation, and co-hosting of convenings and panels.