Developing Country Education

We believe that people in developing countries should be equipped with the tools to generate new products that address real problems they see in their communities and around the world. We support the creation of hands-on invention-based activities and programs that equip developing country students with the tools to:

  • Think critically and identify real-world problems and possible solutions from the user’s context through observation, questioning, empathy, idea generation, and other design thinking processes.
  • Build a strong base of knowledge in the skills necessary to invent, including science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  • Turn ideas into solutions by creating designs, fabricating prototypes, incorporating entrepreneurial thinking and launching businesses, when appropriate.

Powered by hands-on experiences, this suite of tools allows the inventor to turn ideas into inventions with impact.

You start with young people and you engage them to think creatively and to understand that they can indeed change a problem for their community.
– David Sengeh, Inventor, 2014 Lemelson MIT Student Prize Winner from Sierra Leone

The Lemelson Foundation approaches its Developing Country Education work by working with partners to support educational programs including: