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Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Howard Weinstein featured
January 14, 2010

housands of people in the developing world have been given the gift of hearing thanks to the efforts of Howard Weinstein, and now people around the globe are starting to hear more and more about Weinstein and his project, Solar Ear.

Weinstein, an Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow, has been featured prominently twice in the last week, including an article in the Inhabitat (Jan. 6, SOLAR EAR: Affordable Sun-Powered Hearing Aids) and, today, he's featured in the latest podcast from AshokaTECH.

The Solar Ear project – which was originally launched in Botswana and is now being replicated in Brazil through Lemelson Foundation grantee CEFAC – pairs a low-cost hearing aid solution with a solar charger, thus eliminating the major problem facing those with hearing loss in Botswana and Brazil – the cost of replacing the zinc battery in hearing aids.  Weinstein's innovative product also includes a sustainable business model in which hard-of-hearing kids train others in how to use and tune the devices, thus creating jobs and long-lasting impact in their communities.

Kudos to Howard Weinstein, both for the well-deserved press attention and for the great work you're doing!