News Releases
Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow presenting workshop on microconsignment
March 3, 2011

Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Greg Van Kirk - who's pioneering work in microconsignment was recently featured the New York Times - is hosting a meeting to bring together social entrepreneurs funders, investors and advisors to accelerate the replication of the micro-consignment model around the world. Microconsignment is a model in which local entrepreneurs are provided with training and supplied with an inventory of goods on consignment, which they then sell in their communities and, with the proceeds, pay for the consigned inventory and keep a portion of the profits from each sale. The Lemelson Foundation is interested in Greg's micro-consignment work as a potential means to improve distribution of products that improve lives of the poor, especially in the hard-to-reach, rural areas in developing countries.

"The Microconsignment Workshop" will be held in Antigua, Guatemala, April 28th through May 1st. To learn more about Greg Van Kirk and the microconsignment model, read the New York Times Op Ed.