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AshokaTECH Podcast with Elizabeth Hausler of Build Change
February 3, 2010

Last Thursday the latest AshokaTECH podcast was released, featuring a timely interview with Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Elizabeth Hausler, founder of Build Change. Hausler is an expert on sustainable building practices to prevent earthquake damage. In the wake of the Haiti disaster, she gives her thoughts on how similar catastophies might be avoided in the future, as well a provides commentary on the challenges now facing Haiti.

Previous AshokaTECH podcasts have featured:

  • Howard Weinsten – who's Solar Ear project in Botswana and Brazil pairs a low-cost hearing aid solution with a solar charger.
  • Mathias and Guillaume Craig – founders of BlueEnergy, provider of specially designed hybrid wind/solar energy systems in Nicaragua.
  • Bright Simons – coordinator of, which is using mobile technology to eliminate the proliferation of fake pharmaceuticals in West Africa.
  • David Green – who's work focuses on health care delivery to the developing world, enabling developing countries to produce, distribute, and service high-quality, affordable health care products.
  • Jack Sim – founder of the World Toilet Organization, which mobilized a multinational coalition around sanitation issues, including the annual "World Toilet Day."

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