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RAMP's Sheep Rearing Innovation featured in New Agriculturist
July 1, 2009
Mr Shivakumar, one of the first shepherds to adopt the system, has already seen some encouraging results.

July 2009 - An innovation from the RAMP program in India is the focus of an article in July's issue of the online magazine New Agriculturist.
The innovation combines a product with a service for nomadic sheepherders and their flocks in southern India. This holistic approach includes specialized feed pellets, as well as veterinary care and livestock insurance – both unheard of for nomadic sheep in this area.
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About the Recognition and Mentoring Programs (RAMPs)

Innovators in the developing world have especially useful perspectives for creating inventions and businesses to sustainably serve the poorest of the world's poor, yet they often lack the resources, access to markets, or technical expertise to move from concept to commercialization. To address these gaps, the Lemelson Foundation has established Recognition and Mentoring Programs (RAMPs) with partner organizations in India, Indonesia, and Peru.

RAMPs provide:

  • Support for inventors and entrepreneurs during the early, high-risk stages of developing, testing, and refining their ideas.
  • Networking, marketing and commercialization support to help entrepreneurs establish viable, replicable and scalable enterprises based on locally-developed technologies and entrepreneurial efforts.

Since 2004, when the first RAMP was launched in India, nearly 5,000 student and grassroots inventors have participated in RAMP activities, and nearly 70 new technologies have been funded.