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Unique partnerships help distribute biomass stove
March 11, 2011

March 11 – With help from the Foundation's RAMP Indonesia partner, Inotek (Yayasan Inovasi Teknologi, or the Foundation for Technology Innovation), a new type of biomass stove is improving the lives of poor women in rural Indonesia.

The stove is a gasifier type, but with pre-heating and counter flow burning mechanisms to complete the combustion. The stove can use almost any type ofsolid biomass - wood chips, wood shavings, sticks, corn cobs, etc. - as a fuel, eliminating the need to strip nearby forests or carry heavy firewood. Compared to traditional stoves, the biomass stove can save up to 80% on fuel input while producing virtually no smoke.

The dissemination of the stove has been made possible through the efforts of a unique network of organizations. Inotek works directly with the stove's inventor, continuing to support the technology development and improvement and actively seeking other funding and distribution partners. Kopernik, an online marketplace of innovative, life-changing technologies designed for the developing world, finds funding and channels it to end users through relationships with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Punden, a local NGO, identified the needs of its community members and evaluated the benefits of the stove. Daiwa Securities and RussellInvestments provided funding, through Kopernik, to partially subsidize the purchase price for community members.