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We're hiring: Deputy Director
December 23, 2014

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This is a new position for a foundation with growing impact. The Deputy Director is part of the Foundation’s leadership team, including the Chief Financial & Administrative Officer (CFAO) and Executive Director. S/he will work closely with the talented team to grow people, program, and initiatives as the foundation moves into its 20th year of giving and beyond. The Deputy Director will embrace and contribute to the organizational culture of collaborative decision-making and teamwork.

In partnership with the Executive Director, s/he will be on point for overall strategy refinement, facilitate cross-organizational learning, and provide direction on issues that cut across the Foundation’s priorities. The Deputy will collaborate with the CFAO to provide implementation leadership and internal support for programmatic and communications staff at the Foundation, allowing the Executive Director expanded opportunity to focus externally on the regional, national, and international strategic partnerships critical to fulfilling the Foundation’s mission.

We are conducting the search through Waldron ( For a complete job description and application information, visit here:


About The Lemelson Foundation

The Lemelson Foundation uses the power of invention to improve lives. We believe invention can solve many of the biggest economic and social challenges of our time. We make grants and other investments to inspire and enable the next generation of inventors and invention-based businesses across the US and in developing countries. By doing this, we promote a strong economy in the US, and improved lives for the poor in developing countries. We are committed to promoting Impact Inventing as a means of ensuring that the next generation of inventors and invention- based businesses have positive social impact, are environmentally responsible, and financially sustainable.

Established by prolific US inventor Jerome Lemelson and his wife Dorothy in the early 1990s, and guided by the Lemelson family, to date the Foundation has provided or committed more than $185 million in grants and Program-Related Investments in support of its mission. A private philanthropy, The Lemelson Foundation has an endowment of around $370 million and an annual budget of approximately $18 million.