Impact Spotlights


June 12, 2013

Sustaintech is transforming the renewable energy space in India by promoting sustainable energy-related technologies and products across rural and semi-urban areas.

Roadside food and beverage vendors in rural India use firewood for cooking and heating, but since these are used in inefficient stoves, fuel costs are high and the health consequences are alarming. Sustaintech's flagship product line is its scientifically designed PYRO brand of fuel-efficient cook stoves which last longer, burn fuel more efficiently (at least 30%-40% savings in fuel) and produce less smoke. Understanding that access to finance is a considerable hurdle for their customers, Sustaintech also connects the vendors to financial institutions.

This work was made possible by a grant from The Lemelson Foundation’s partner Villgro. The Foundation and Villgro work to support companies like Sustaintech to help incubate and support early stage social enterprises that utilize technological inventions to impact the lives of India’s rural poor.