Improving lives through invention

Jennifer Bruml, Director

Jennifer Bruml is a member of the Board of Directors of the Lemelson Foundation. Jennifer is a committed community volunteer, having spent the last 20 years working with non-profit organizations with a focus on youth and houselessness.  This focus has served to broaden and deepen Bruml’s commitment to racial equity and climate justice.   A former Board member at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Bruml currently serves as a Co-Vice Chair for P:EAR, a creative mentoring program for youth .  As a member of P:EAR’s Board for the last 10 years, Bruml worked closely with both staff and the Board to help lead the organization’s journey towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion. Bruml is a board member of the Karuna Foundation, a family foundation that focuses on climate adaptation strategies in the Eastern Himalaya region, most notably in Bhutan,  Most recently, Jennifer was appointed director of the Dorothy Lemelson Foundation, also a family foundation with a broad focus on youth, education, and the arts. Bruml received her BA from Boston University.