The power of invention

Improving lives around the world

Invention is key to addressing our most important local and global challenges. From growing food sustainably to tackling health issues to creating sources of affordable and cleaner energy, invention improves lives and fosters more resilient economies.

Invention Spotlight

Helix Steel

A micro rebar reinforcement that increases concrete’s strength and durability and decreases its carbon footprint.


A low-cost, rugged ventilator for newborns in developing countries with severe respiratory distress.


A sustainable, mushroom-based alternative to traditional synthetic packaging materials.


Lens technology that allows people with colorblindness to see a full spectrum of color.


An affordable, non-invasive anemia screener for developing countries.


A disinfectant spray to fight infectious disease that reveals when a surface has been decontaminated.

Impact Invention

The Foundation supports invention focused on problems worth solving. Impact inventions result in new solutions with positive social impact, that lead to financially viable and environmentally responsible products and businesses that transform lives at scale.

Faces of Invention

Impact inventors come from all ages and places, creating inventions as unique as their backgrounds. They see a challenge — whether global, local or personal — and are inspired to find a solution.