Improving lives through invention

LMIT InvenTeams

Inspiring youth through hands-on, STEM-based invention activities

Founded in 2003, the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams initiative is composed of high school students, educators and mentors that receive up to $10,000 each to invent technological solutions to real-world problems of their own choosing. InvenTeams apply their learnings and experiences over a one-year period to build an invention that is showcased at the annual EurekaFest at MIT.

JV InvenTeams™ are composed of students in grades 6-10 who hone their hands-on skills and enrich their STEM education through invention-based design activities with support from educators and mentors. The program is active in Massachusetts, Texas, Oregon and California, and JV InvenTeams Activity Guides and Invention Kits are available for all educators and students free for download.

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