Improving lives through invention

SELCO Foundation

Improving lives and livelihoods in India with clean energy solutions that are sustainable business models and accessible to lower-income consumers

The SELCO Foundation is an open-source, nonprofit headquartered in Bangalore, India, that develops and deploys clean energy solutions to improve livelihoods and increase access to healthcare and education in under-resourced communities in India.

SELCO engages in field-based research and development and works closely with practitioners in the social and development sectors and energy entrepreneurs to evaluate and help commercialize sustainable and clean energy technologies for those without reliable access to the grid in India.

Its ecosystem approach and deep understanding of the needs of consumers has led to the development of sustainable business models for partners who disseminate these renewable, energy-based technologies, new financial products that serve low income consumers and better-informed policies and state-led subsidy programs.

Currently, SELCO is piloting an inclusive incubation program designed to address risks that enterprises face in scaling the reach of their solutions across India. They are intentionally designing the program to ensure that inventors and entrepreneurs that come from underserved populations can participate.

SELCO Foundation has implemented several education initiatives that provide access to sustainable energy for students, and encourage them to find solutions to critical issues in their own communities by becoming innovators and social entrepreneurs.

This includes a Digital Education Program for underprivileged students, the Light For Education program to provide renewable sources of light to allow students to study, and an Invention and Sustainable Education Program with higher education students to encourage the creation of green technologies in low-resource environments.

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