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Supporting Oregon Communities Affected by Wildfires

“Oregon National Guard” by The National Guard

The month of September brought a swarm of wildfires causing catastrophic destruction to our beautiful state of Oregon – leveling homes, nearly wiping out whole communities and destroying forests and habitats throughout the state. Many of the communities most significantly impacted were already struggling with the health, economic and social impacts spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that these communities have the support and resources to rebuild quickly and with an eye towards long-term resiliency.

To support the rebuilding of these communities, The Lemelson Foundation has allocated $150,000 to support the 2020 Community Rebuilding Fund – a joint effort launched by Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Community Foundation and The Ford Family Foundation at the request of Governor Kate Brown. The 2020 Community Rebuilding Fund aims to leverage public investment with private and philanthropic donations to catalyze a rebuilding effort for a stronger Oregon.

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