Improving lives through invention

Tackling 21st Century Challenges through Invention

Message from Rob Schneider:

To our partners and friends,

Each February, National Inventors’ Day is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the contributions inventors make to our world. At The Lemelson Foundation, we believe that inventions from diverse people and places are critical to solving not only today’s problems but also those of the future.

Our belief in the power of invention stems from the vision of our founder, Jerry Lemelson, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. With the support and encouragement of his wife Dolly, he led a life devoted to creativity and invention, hoping always to make the world a better and more livable place.

This week we’re highlighting incredible inventors who are tackling the global challenges of the 21st century to create a future we all want. These pioneering minds include young people like Dasia Taylor — a student at the University of Iowa who hopes to make medicine more equitable through her low-cost sutures, and Jessie Garcia — a rugby player-turned-entrepreneur who invented a device for detecting possible concussions.

As part of our goal to cultivate the next generation of inventors focused on improving lives, The Lemelson Foundation is proud to continue supporting the Engineering for One Planet initiative to equip future engineers with the tools and knowledge to invent sustainably, as well as the InventEd Network to help encourage all young people to develop the skill sets and mindsets to become problem-solvers in their communities and for the world.

You can hear more voices and stories about invention in the U.S. and across the globe by reading our Medium publication, Invention Notebook, and following us on LinkedIn and Facebook. And as always, we love hearing from you — send a message to with your own updates.

Happy Inventing!

Rob Schneider
Executive Director

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