Improving lives through invention

A New Model for Health Innovation in East Africa

How a social enterprise providing life-saving medical oxygen in Kenya showed the market opportunity for other local inventors and entrepreneurs.

Oxygen is an essential element of life. But when COVID-19 hit Kenya, the distribution of medical oxygen in the country took on an even greater urgency.

An innovative start up called Hewatele was already working to ensure high-quality, low-cost oxygen reached rural areas. During the pandemic, it pivoted to help fill the gaps caused by the breakdown of global supply chains.

In the latest article in Invention Notebook, Hewatele CEO Dr. Steve Adudans describes the key role that local invention-based businesses can play in the health sector to save lives and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Read about his company’s experience and why he thinks the pandemic presents a call to action for entrepreneurs to come forward with local ideas and innovation – and be sure to give it a clap.

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