Invention is critical to the future we all want

Invention Education

We believe that invention should be a part of every child’s education.

Invention education cultivates the inventors of tomorrow, inspires students to pursue STEM careers, and develops the skills and resilience critical for succeeding in the innovation economy.

Our Approach

The Foundation supports invention education as a dynamic, open-ended, transdisciplinary teaching approach rooted in problem identification and solution development.

Invention education builds from STEM knowledge adding iterative, design-based invention and prototyping processes along with entrepreneurship thinking. We fund invention education programs in the U.S. and in India and sub-Saharan Africa.


The InventEd network is a coalition of K-12 educators, nonprofit leaders, researchers, government agencies, funders, and others who are building and supporting the field of Invention Education.

Engineering for One Planet:

Engineering for One Planet (EOP) supports educational transformation to equip all engineers with the skills, knowledge and understanding to protect and improve our planet and our lives.

U.S. Primary & Secondary Education

We support opportunities for children to experience invention education both in and out of school, with a focus on reaching students from low-income communities and groups under-represented in STEM. We work with key stakeholders - including educators and administrators - to build communities of practice that expand the reach and impact of invention education.

U.S. Higher Education

We nurture cultures of invention and entrepreneurship in institutions of higher education to prepare students to thrive in the future workforce. We provide support for student-led, invention-based projects that will become the high-impact, environmentally-responsible businesses of the future.

International Education

We support the development and delivery of invention education programs for primary, secondary and higher education settings in developing countries. These programs prepare students to become local change agents, inspired and equipped to invent products and build local businesses that address regional challenges.