Invention is critical to the future we all want

Invention Entrepreneurship

We believe that entrepreneurship is the catalyst for ensuring big new ideas become the high-impact products of the future, create new jobs and support more dynamic and vibrant economies locally, regionally and globally.

Strong supporting innovation ecosystems are essential for realizing invention-based businesses that have scalable impact.

Our Approach

We support programs in the U.S., India and East Africa that build and strengthen the ecosystems for emerging invention entrepreneurs.

We work to enable them to turn their ideas into inventions, and their inventions into products and businesses that address social and environmental challenges.

This includes support for:

  • Business enablers that incubate and accelerate companies through training, networking and mentorship; access to prototyping and manufacturing space; and business development and market strategy support.
  • Financing solutions that provide access to the right type of money at the right time through grants, program-related investments (PRIs) and other mechanisms.
  • Communities of practice that extend the reach and demonstrate the exponential impact of invention entrepreneurship.
U.S. Higher Education and Entrepreneurship

We support programs that are promoting and building a culture of environmentally responsible invention and entrepreneurship within institutions of higher education. The goal is to create an ecosystem of resources that help student-led, invention-based projects become the high-growth businesses of the future focused on problems worth solving.

International Entrepreneurship

We support the development of local invention ecosystems in India and East Africa for inventors building new products to meet the needs of the poor by addressing social, economic and environmental challenges embodied by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.