Invention is critical to the future we all want

Regional Invention Ecosystems

We believe that generating robust, sustainable, invention-based entrepreneurial ecosystems increases economic opportunity, creates new jobs and the chance for inclusive growth across communities.

To cultivate the next generation of inventors, it is necessary to inspire and provide a clear path that includes education and a well-connected system of entrepreneurial resources that will support emerging businesses at every stage.

This integrated approach to economic development strengthens both regional vitality and resilience, while preparing the innovation workforce of the future.

Our Approach

The Foundation is piloting an approach to building a strong regional invention ecosystem in our home state of Oregon.

Our goal is to create a model for invention-driven economic development that can be adapted by regions across the U.S.

We work with partners to create opportunity for inventors and invention-based start-ups that is equitable, inclusive and readily accessible to students irrespective of gender, background or geography.


We fund programs that contribute to a robust and integrated invention ecosystem in Oregon. This includes invention education from elementary through secondary to higher education, and a strong network of invention-focused entrepreneurship resources. Our vision is a proliferation of invention-based businesses to create a virtuous cycle that sustains regional economic growth and the ecosystem itself. Our work in Oregon provides opportunities to share our findings more broadly with economic development stakeholders and learn from others.

Featured Grantee Profiles

April 19, 2019

Oregon MESA: Providing students in Oregon underrepresented in STEM with invention education opportunities

March 15, 2019

TiE Oregon: Supporting invention and entrepreneurship education for students and teachers in Oregon

July 1, 2018

InventOR: Solving local challenges through an invention and prototyping competition for Oregon college and university students

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