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Supporting Local Invention-Based Enterprises to Solve Sustainable Development Challenges

Small and Growing Businesses in Low and Middle Income Countries can play a vital role in solving the SDGs.

2020 has been a year of great disruption across the globe. It also marks the opening of a critical time period to make progress in sustainable development – the final decade to meet the health, agricultural, economic and social targets embodied by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Low and Middle Income countries (LMICs) have the furthest to go to meet those goals, but many of the solutions can be found in those countries through local inventors and entrepreneurs. The response to COVID-19 has already provided examples of how small and growing businesses have been able to pivot to address global supply chain disruptions and address the pandemic through local contexts.

For Global Entrepreneurship Week, Lemelson Foundation Executive Director Carol Dahl provides four recommendations to the sustainable development community on how to harness the power of invention-based entrepreneurship in LMICs to solve some of our biggest challenges, and how to foster the ecosystem needed to support them.

Read her latest article in Invention Notebook here, and be sure to give it a clap.

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